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41. Tony Jaggers wrote at 13/12/2007 - 08:0 hours (CET)
after a 10 day wait the Cd I ordered finally turned up.....bloody brilliant...Saw you and Jim on enough rope the other night...heres hoping its a smooth road for you from now on....I do a radio show "Mojos and jellyrolls and will be featuring ya CD next week...will send you the link when I post the playlist.....
Gonna check ya Myspace
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42. Deidre wrote at 12/12/2007 - 10:0 hours (CET)
Hi John, I saw you and Jim on enough rope the other night and felt I just had to let you know how proud it made me to see you tell your story about the alcoholism and panic disorders etc. without feeling any shame about your past. Hope you remember the days in the late 70's hanging at the Lifesaver and that little 3 room flat that you and Jim had in Hollywood Ave which has long since been torn down. I was so sad to hear about the hard times you had battling your drinking problem but am really glad to see you come out on top. I remember you being admitted to St Vincents after a big night back then and coming to see you in hospital thinking you were OK. How naive was I? After the Lifesaver closed and Jim became a big star it was almost impossible to keep in touch with you guys but these kind of TV shows give us a link into your lives and a lot of us watch with interest.We're all in the 50 plus age bracket now and thinking back I'm sure we thought we were invincible back then but sometimes I think we were just lucky, but they were still the best days of my life. Hope you continue to do well,
Love Deidre
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43. Tricia wrote at 11/12/2007 - 12:0 hours (CET)
Hi John, I too watched you and Jimmy on enough rope. I was also from Elizabeth, the memories came flooding back. Apparantly you used to drink with my dad at the soccer club.
When you and Jimmy had a singalong it reminded me of Dad coming home with his mates all bevied up, they used to go around the room one after the other and sing.
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44. Johanna wrote at 10/12/2007 - 13:0 hours (CET)
Hi John, Just watch you and Jim on Andrew Denton. Seeing the back of the house in Elizabeth brought back some memories for me too.I lived a few doors down. Great to see you looking so well.
Best wishes to you
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45. sascha klave wrote at 10/12/2007 - 12:0 hours (CET)
Hi John...long time no speak!
Just caught you and Jim on Enough Rope.
Really enjoyed the interview, great to see you looking so well.
Hope to catch up with you somewhere along the way.
All the best to you and Virginia.
Sascha X

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46. ray wade wrote at 01/12/2007 - 00:0 hours (CET)
Goodaye John,Just a quick note to thank you for a fantastic gig at a day on the green.Its been a long time since we rock'n'rolled i go way back to Bombay rock in Melb but you did'nt dissapoint us. I said to my wife that i was looking foward to seeing you as much Jimmy. After the show you she agreed that you were great , and we'll be back again
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47. Dale wrote at 25/11/2007 - 00:0 hours (CET)
Hey John

You were brilliant yesterday at "live on the green" Great gig, great tracks. Thanks!!
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48. Mark Ireland wrote at 20/11/2007 - 22:0 hours (CET)
Dear John

Greetings from a rainy London.

Firstly scrolling through the messages, it seems there are a lot of people who you have touched very personally with your character and your music. There are few people in this world who ever get to achieve that. I hope you are very proud.

I am a fan of yours from Australia, and many years ago at a couple of gigs in Sydney and Canberra you invited me on stage to share a few songs; these were very memorable nights. As a young guy, ‘Lady’ was always my favourite song and I knew every note. I have a recording of a session that you did on the Gold Coast with Jim, Diesel, the Noisework’s boys, Sherine Abeyratne and Mark Seymour; which is a prized possession and your version of ‘Lady’ is a favourite.

Anyway these days I am in London and I try to make it home as often as I can. I always try to fit in as many gigs as possible of which ever Australian bands may be touring. This music is close to my soul and can bring comfort and identity in a busy and sometimes cold world.

Which brings me to my question…do you know how I obtain copies of your early albums or a CD of Days Gone By? Or even a copy of some of the older clips on the site. Some of these I have wanted since my teens. Are they available for sale anywhere?

My thanks and congratulations

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49. Jo St Clair wrote at 14/11/2007 - 06:0 hours (CET)
Hi John,
It was just fantastic to have you, Darryl Cotton and Russell Morris play at my 50th last Friday. We all had the best time, and everyone who was there enjoyed the show so much. The music was just sensational. We will look out for more of your gigs and come along and dance the night away!! Jo and Ivan
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50. Jeff Ridler wrote at 01/11/2007 - 02:0 hours (CET)
Hey John, Just wanna thank you for a great website and your generosity at listing your albums. I remember playing pool with you and KB at Van Goghs Earlobe East Bne in 1995 at a Party Boys gig, can't wait to see you live again. Headin down to Ballina to see KB and Mal Eastick this weekend for the SRV/Hendrix show. Take care and keep on rocking John.
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