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21. Brevis Ashton wrote at 10/06/2008 - 14:1 hours (CEST)
Swanee, Will you be taking singing students anytime soon? I would really like to see you for some lessons. Regards Brevis
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22. Mal Hedstrom wrote at 15/05/2008 - 04:1 hours (CEST)
Hi Mate,
It was good to see you with Jimmy on 'Denton'. You probably don't remember me, but we enjoyed a laugh and quite a few drinks at the 'Lifesaver'around 76-77', when i was a young bloke at 2SM. I remember you as a 'Top' bloke and after seeing you on 'Denton', nothing has changed. I played 'Lady What's Your Name', yestreday, good song, good memories. I do 1-5pm on 3MA FM, Mildura. Jimmy is doing a gig here soon, which will excite everyone. Take care John.
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23. Garry Edwards wrote at 13/05/2008 - 15:1 hours (CEST)
Hi John, been a fan for decades but a mate and I are chasing a copy of the single Matthew. Got any ideas on how to get hold of a copy? Have recently purchased "Have a Little Faith, awesome as usual, keep em coming mate!
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24. Michael Moore wrote at 14/04/2008 - 10:1 hours (CEST)
The best years of my youth were spent watching and listening to you at the Sefton Hotel (Millers)
You are still awesome
Long live SWANEE !
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25. Lisa wrote at 11/04/2008 - 03:1 hours (CEST)
Hi John, I don't know if you remember me. I work for the tspt co that del's to you from Fender. We had our photo taken together & you gave me an autographed CD which I thoroughly enjoy listening to. I've not been able to catch one of your shows yet. But hope to real soon.
Lisa Whitney (COPE tspt) Laverton VIC
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26. Jon Kennett wrote at 07/04/2008 - 21:1 hours (CEST)
A big high fron Jon kennett who wrote lady whats your name and sailaway and temporary heartache.Now living in Brighton UK.All the very best to you.JK
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27. rick treadwell wrote at 05/04/2008 - 12:1 hours (CEST)
HI John, just watched you with wendy stapleton (shes still roadworthy!)twas a great interview and loved the song trouble!! when ya got it ya got it! cheers rick
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28. Muttley wrote at 02/04/2008 - 16:1 hours (CEST)
Any News on the stolen stuff John ??
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29. Stevie wrote at 25/03/2008 - 00:0 hours (CET)
Hey Swanee you were awesome at Clare on Sunday!!! Have A Little Faith is a fantstic album, I've been trying to pick up some of the guitar parts, I love it!!!! Hope you come back to Adelaide soon!
cheers Stevie
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30. muttley wrote at 18/03/2008 - 03:0 hours (CET)
Happy birthday for this week John. !! Hope to catch you at Capers, hope all is well and wishing all the best . Cheers Muttley

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