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91. Scott Seymour wrote at 26/07/2006 - 02:1 hours (CEST)
Hi John,
Well it has been a long time, and I'm glad to see you are powering along. I remember fondly the gigs we did down here in cold old Tassie between 1996-98, and there is a photo from one of them on my web site

It sounds to me like you are on top of it all, and having heaps of fun, Deep Puple must have been fantastic, what an experience.

It would be great to hear from you again after all these years, I'm just hoping you might remember who the hell I am...!!! It's been a while.


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92. Tony George wrote at 19/07/2006 - 02:1 hours (CEST)
Part 2

....and there you are, in all your glory... John, I hope you don't mind and I hope you'll be flattered that I used 'Lady' as the main song for my wedding over here... no one knew the song except me and Jen (who'd kinda got used to the music after hearing it 50 times), so we loved it and thanks in hindsight for giving such a great song to get married by... have really taken a shine to 'Matthew' as well .. not that I need anything to remind me of our little Matthew, but the lyrics are a blessing !! One thing I certainly miss about Oz is the music but will be home again for the New Year this year so I might get a night off if you're playing around town somewhere..and nice to see that I can now buy your music somewhere... Haven't had anyone try to explode my eardrums fro 4 yrs now !! :-)
Great to see you still going at it...
Cheers and all the best !!
PS. Just in case you can't remember who I am, I was the Hotel manager at the Station and every time I saw you in a new place, you'd say in your eloquent way..."what the fuck are you doing here ??"
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93. Tony George wrote at 19/07/2006 - 01:1 hours (CEST)
G'day John,
Well bugger me, if after after 4 yrs out of Oz and occasionally typing your name into the searchbar, up you and all !!
John, cast your mind back again to 1988, Station Resort Jindabyne, drinking schnapps till 5am with your Girl, your young bloke and a few hangers on, myself included. I clearly remember the morning I was playing squash in Jindabyne and you were heading back to Sydney, family in tow... I was as sick as a dog and you probably slept all the way home !! It was a great unexpected pleasure to drink with you that night..!! The next time I saw you was at Johnno's in Cairns, then some pub in Hornsby and so the story goes... it was always a plaesure to drive wherever to hear you sing, especially with me nagging you evry time to sing 'Lady what's your name'... Mate, I marrioed an Irish lass and the rest is history. I bailed out of Oz and now live in Cork, Ireland for the past 4 yrs... I'm just sitting here in my office listening to Days Gone By and thought, feck it let's ahve another look
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94. Shane O'Brien wrote at 15/07/2006 - 07:1 hours (CEST)
Hey dude, long time no see (or talk to for that matter).

Cast you mind back, mid '90's. I was playing Drums with Simon Wiseman. We had that project together with Dee Dalton on Bass. We were playing with Dave Evans, and trying to drag him (kicking and screaming i might add) from his Rabbit days into the 90's. I came along to a quite a few of the old Beats Working gigs with Simon and got up for a hit behind you (remember that wet, muddy night at the Comenchero's party ?). We even toyed with the idea a few times of taking over your backing. I was living at Liverpool at the time, and you were over at Sylvania. If you can rmember, i was also working on some stuff with your brother, Al. Speaking of, how is he ? Is he still down SA way ? I think i was still doing that Bryan Adams cover show as well at the time.

Anyway, would love to catch up. Give me a shout at

Good to see you doing so well and going so strong. Great website too. Tell you what mate, you look 100% these days. Great to see you looking so healthy and still rocking.
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95. John Strangio wrote at 12/07/2006 - 11:1 hours (CEST)
Hi Swanee I heard through lots of people who saw you perform at the Deep Purple concert that you were fantastic and you still have that tremendous voice as always.
Drop me a line sometime ...Cheers... John Strangio.
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96. robbo wrote at 09/06/2006 - 06:1 hours (CEST)
hi swanee it was good to see you on good friday in redcliffe noticed you have been busy lately when you are home & settled give us a call & we can catch up robbo
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97. Olivia Templeman wrote at 22/05/2006 - 12:1 hours (CEST)
Hey John, have a few photos from the Saturday you played at Forest..will forward them on if you want.
See you when you get back on the mountain
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98. Phillip wrote at 16/05/2006 - 01:1 hours (CEST)
Had the pleasure of meeting you in the early 80's, when I worked at the "Tarmac Hotel", Laverton, Victoria. Your band played the night that Joe, our manager, was transfered to another hotel, and it was his last night. A farewell party followed, and you stayed behind for a quiet one... You even became Head Barman for a while.. So much Vodka, Tia Maria & Milk was drunk that night, as well as Ouzo. My headache lasted for 3 days... it is like it only happened last week... Hope to catch you again in person soon.. I will be in sydney 24 - 25 June.. Regards
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99. Toni wrote at 12/05/2006 - 00:1 hours (CEST)
Dear John,
Great to see you again in Brisbane at the Deep Purple and Quo concert, You certainly got the crowd rocking,Thanks for another great night.
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100. Penny wrote at 10/05/2006 - 03:1 hours (CEST)
Just wanted to tell you how much I loved your Sydney show last night. I had the best time, singing and dancing along like I used to when I was young. Oh yeah the Quo and Deep Purp were great too.
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